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Summer 2006 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook

August 29, 2006
Committee Workshop on the July 2006 California Heat Storm

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The Summer 2006 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook provides the California Energy Commission staff's current assessment of electricity system resource adequacy in California. It evaluates the capability of the physical electricity system to provide power to meet electricity demand in specific geographic areas within California and provides a summary of the resource adequacy filings from the Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), municipal utilities with a peak demand of 200 megawatts (MW) or greater, and Electric Service Providers (ESPs) - collectively known as Load Serving Entities (LSEs). It does not evaluate the condition of the electricity market or the deliverability of specific economic contracts entered into by the LSEs.

This outlook examines four regions - California Statewide, California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Control Area, CAISO North of Path 26 (NP26), and CAISO South of Path 26 (SP26). The CAISO Control Area is divided into Northern and Southern California because there are transmission constraints south of the transmission segment known as Path 26 that limit the transfer of electricity from north to south. Northern California includes the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) service area and participating municipal utilities in Northern California served by the CAISO. Southern California includes Southern California Edison (SCE), San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), and the Southern California municipal utilities that participate in the CAISO. The outlook uses the high demand forecast developed for the 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report for forecasted loads in each region.

This analysis was prepared in coordination and consultation with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the CAISO. A staff workshop was held on December 8, 2005, to receive stakeholder and public input on the staff draft version of the outlook. A final version was released at the joint CEC/CPUC meeting on April 24, 2006.

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Download Report

Summer 2006 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook - Final Staff Report. Posted: April 25, 2006. (Acrobat PDF file, 40 pages, 1.2 megabytes)

June 30, 2006, Revised Summer 2006 Demand and Five Year Outlook.
Posted: July 5, 2006. (Acrobat PDF file, 8 pages, 20 kilobytes)

June 30, 2006, Cumulative Probability of Meeting Operating Reserves
(Not including DR & interruptibles).
Posted: July 5, 2006. (Acrobat PDF file, 3 pages, 36 kilobytes)

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