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Summer 2007 Electricity Supply & Demand Outlook

May 24, 2007
Electricity Committee Workshop on Summer 2008 Supply and Demand Outlook

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Committee Overseeing This Proceeding Is:

Jackalyne Pfannenstiel
Commissioner and Presiding Member

John L. Geesman,
Commissioner and Associate Member

In Decision 05-10-042 (October 27, 2005) the California Public Utilities Commission determined that the Energy Commission demand forecast, as the "state's official load forecast," should serve as the reference case in the CPUC resource adequacy load forecast review and adjustment process. In the event that the sum of the forecasts submitted by load serving entities is more than one percent different than the Commission forecast, Energy Commission staff will adjust the LSE forecasts to within one percent. The LSEs must use these adjusted forecasts in their year-ahead showing, due on September 30, 2006, of a 90 percent forward commitment. Energy Commission staff must distribute the adjusted forecasts to LSEs by June 30, 2006.

The most recent adopted Energy Commission demand forecast (California Energy Demand 2006-2016 Staff Energy Demand Forecast, publication # CEC-400-2005-034-SF-ED2) was completed in September 2005 for the 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report. This forecast was based on historic energy consumption and peak demand through the year 2004. To update this forecast and extend it to monthly peak values for use in the 2007 resource adequacy process, staff has evaluated recorded loads and weather for the summer of 2005 to evaluate the extent to which the forecast should be revised.



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