Welcome to the  California Energy Almanac

Energy Consumption Data Management System

The Energy Consumption Data Management System (ECDMS, pronounced "eck-dem-es") is a database of the California Energy Commission that allows on-line searching of electricity and natural gas consumption data.

The project was created and is managed by the Demand Analysis Office of the Commission's Energy Assessments Division and was developed under contract by KYBRO Consulting.

ECDMS is now on line at www.ecdms.energy.ca.gov.

The California Energy Commission has created this on-line database for informal reporting purposes using numerous electricity and natural gas consumption data sources.

Users can generate reports showing the amount of energy consumed by geographical area, sector (residential, commercial, industrial) classifications. The database also provides easy downloading of energy consumption data into Microsoft Excel (XLS) and comma-separated values (CSV) file formats.

For further information about, or problems with this database, please contact Steven Mac at steven.mac@energy.state.ca.us or call 916-651-1468. Members of the news media please call the Media and Public Communications Office at 916-654-4989.