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2009 Total Electricity System Power

2009 Total System Power in Gigawatt Hours

Fuel Type California
In-State Generation (GWh)
Percent of California
In-State Generation
Northwest Imports Southwest Imports California Power Mix (GWh) Percent California Power Mix
Large Hydro25,14712.1%- 2,09927,2469.1%
Natural Gas116,72656.3%1,8846,753125,36242.0%
Nuclear31,50915.2%- 7,57039,08013.1%
Oil670.0%- - 670.0%
Other70.0%- - 70.0%
Biomass5,9402.9%885- 6,8252.3%
Geothermal12,9076.2%- 73813,6454.6%
Small Hydro4,0442.0%1,052- 5,0961.7%
Solar8500.4%- - 8500.3%
Wind6,2493.0%3,1225 9,3753.1%
Unspecified Sources of Power *00.0%12,17734,53546,71215.7%


QFER and SB 1305 Reporting Requirements. In-state generation is reported generation from units 1 MW and larger

Note: Due to legislative changes required by Assembly Bill 162 (2009), the California Air Resources Board is currently undertaking the task of identifying the fuel sources associated with all imported power entering into California.

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