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Annual Generation - Plant Unit

Column Key for Annual Generation by Plant Unit:

Category: Broad classifications for power plants:

  • G = Natural Gas
  • S = Solar
  • T = Geothermal
  • N = Nuclear
  • C = Coal
  • E = Biomass
  • H = Hydro
  • x = Wind

Year (second column): Use the small "^" and the "v" beside the current year showing to view other years. For most datasets, the oldest year will be 2001.

Plant ID: The CEC Plant ID is a unique identifier used by the Cartography Unit to track power plants.

Plant Name: The name given for the plant by the company owner. May be different from other common references in use in other proceedings, hearings, etc.

Unit: The name given to track a specific generating unit within the power plant.

Status: Refers to the current operating status of the generating unit:

  • IS = Indefinite Shutdown
  • RE = Retired
  • OP = Operating
  • SB = Standby
  • MR = Maintenance
  • UNK = Unknown (it happens from time to time)

Start Date: Date the generating unit went into commercial operation.

Retire Date: Date the generating unit was permanently removed from commercial operation

Prime Mover ID: The type of engine or turbine that is the source of power for driving the generator:

  • ST = Steam Turbine, not part of a combined-cycle plant
  • GT = Combustion Gas Turbine, not part of a combined-cycle plant
  • CT = Combustion Turbine portion of a combined-cycle plant
  • CA = Steam Turbine portion of a combined-cycle plant
  • CS = Single shaft combined-cycle unit
  • HY = Hydroelectric generator
  • IC = Internal Combustion generator
  • FC = Fuel Cell
  • PV = Photovoltaic (Solar)
  • OT = Other (typically heat recovery systems used in petroleum refinery operations)
  • WT = Wind Turbine

Prime Mover Description: See above.

Capacity: Nameplate capacity as reported by the power plant owner.

County: The physical county the power plant is located in. May include non-California counties.

Net MWh: Total energy produced by the unit for the given year in megawatt-hours.

Primary Fuel Use (MMBtu): Total primary fuel consumed by the unit in a year as measured in MMBtu.

Primary Energy Source: Primary fuel type used by the generating unit. See below for Key:

Source Type Description
ABBiomassAgriculture Crop Byproducts/Straw/Energy Crops
BFGNatural GasBlast Furnace Gas
BITCoalAnthracite Coal, Bituminous Coal
BLQBiomassBlack Liquor
COLCoalCoal - Unknown
DFOOilDistillate Fuel Oil (includes all Diesel and No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 Fuel Oils)
GASNatural GasNatural Gas (Methane)
JFOilJet Fuel
KER OilKerosene
LFGBiomassLandfill Gas
LIGCoalLignite Coal
MSWBiomassMunicipal Solid Waste
N/AUnknownOther, non-specified
NAOtherNot Available
NGNatural GasNatural Gas (Pipeline)
NUCNuclearNuclear (Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium)
OBG BiomassOther Biomass Gases (Digester Gas, Methane, and other biomass gases)
OBLBiomassOther Biomass Liquid (Ethanol, Fish Oil, Liquid Acetonitrile Waste, Medical Waste, Tall Oil, Waste Alcohol, and other Biomass not specified)
OBSBiomassOther Biomass Solid (Animal Manure and Waste, Solid Byproducts, and other solid biomass not specified)
OGNatural GasOther Gas (Butane, Coal Processes, Coke-Oven, Refinery, and other processes)
OGWBiomassOther gases, waste products
OILOilNon-specified oil products, may include distillate fuel oil
OTH OtherOther (Batteries, Chemicals, Coke Breeze, Hydrogen, Pitch, Sulfur, Tar Coal, and miscellaneous technologies)
PCCoalPetroleum Coke
PGNatural GasPropane
PUROtherPurchased Steam
RFOOilResidual Fuel Oil (includes No. 5 and No. 6 Fuel Oils and Bunker C Fuel Oil)
SCCoalCoal-based Synfuel and include briquettes, pellets, or extrusions, which are formed by binding materials and processes that recycle material
SLWBiomassSludge Waste
SUBCoalSub-bituminous Coal
SUNSolarSolar (Photovoltaic, Thermal)
UNKUnknownOther, non specified
WATHydroWater (Conventional, Pumped Storage)
WCCoalWaste/Other Coal (Anthracite Culm, Bituminous Gob, Fine Coal, Lignite Waste, Waste Coal)
WDLBiomassWood Waste Liquids (Red Liquor, Sludge Wood, Spent Sulfite Liquor, and other wood related liquids not
WDSBiomassWood/Wood Waste Solids (Paper Pellets, Railroad Ties, Utility Poles, Wood Chips, and other wood solids)
WHOtherWaste Heat
WOOilOil-Other and Waste Oil (Butane (Liquid), Crude Oil, Liquid Byproducts, Oil Waste, Propane (Liquid))

Secondary Fuel Use (MMBtu): Total secondary fuel consumed by the unit in a year as measured in MMBtu.

Secondary Energy Source: Secondary fuel type used by the generating unit: See above for Key.

NOTE: The information in the following table can be copied to a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel by highlighting the desired records and then copying and pasting them into a spreadsheet. A single spreadsheet download option is not provide since there are multiple years of data available. The source "txt" files are available for download and can be used in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel or imported into a database application such as MS Access.

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Fuel Use MMBTU
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