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Foreign Sources of Crude Oil Imports to California 2006

graph of sources of foreign crude oil sources to California

Source Barrels of Crude Oil in 2006 Percentage of Total Foreign Imports Percentage of Total Crude Oil in California
From All Sources*
SAUDI ARABIA 86,976,00029.45%13.27%
ECUADOR 71,174,00024.10%10.86%
IRAQ 56,163,00019.02%8.57%
BRAZIL 17,938,0006.07%2.74%
MEXICO 15,473,0005.24%2.36%
ANGOLA 14,979,0005.07%2.29%
COLOMBIA 9,362,0003.17%1.43%
OMAN 6,326,0002.14%0.97%
VENEZUELA 4,120,0001.40%0.63%
ARGENTINA 3,484,0001.18%0.53%
Others: 9,311,0003.15%1.42%
Total Foreign Sources 295,306,000100%45.05%

* Total crude oil received by refineries from all sources includes in-state, Alaska and foreign sources. Total barrels in 2006: 655,488,000. (See other chart for more details.)

Source: Energy Information Administration. Please note that total of foreign oil receipts to refineries will not exactly match that shown on other pages. The Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act (PIIRA) data gives the breakdown by foreign, California and Alaska but not the foreign countries.


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