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Domestic Crude Imports By Rail 2011

graph showing  crude oil imports to California by rail in 2011.


2011 Domestic Crude Imports By Rail (in Barrels)
State of Origin for Railcars January February March April May June July August September October November December
North Dakota77,14877,77286,783101,378107,029106,38097,49394,03498,98148,416130,70986,542
Canada5625688,15354410,8527,269 10,25315,81118,52941,71441,041
Others3,026        28,04628,16434,834
Total Imports80,73678,34094,936101,922117,881113,64997,493104,287114,79294,991200,587162,417

Others include Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas.


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